Salon Xia

Ranch Redux - Exterior view of the home's red front door, with water feature and landscape in the foreground. Photograph by Trevor Tondro.

Ranch Redux

Front view of wood clad mid century modern home. A second level addition sits above the renovated post and beam house.

Top of Tigertail

Rendered view of forest boardwalk and rest/exercise nook with benches and exercise equipment.

Harvard-Westlake Middle School Trail

Exterior view of backyard and veranda, with the office addition clad in charred wood (shou sugi ban). A firepit and palo verde tree complement the outdoor living space.

Habitat d’Hawthorne

AIA Los Angeles Office

Exterior view of ash wood garage roof deck and barbecue, with combed stucco kitchen and veranda beyond.

Sunset Park Renovation

Exterior street view of modern house renovation, with mid-century breeze block screen walls, contemporary board-formed concrete planters, and filtered light streaming through the angular front porch trellis.

Magnolia Modern


Eagle Rock Remodel

Interior view of light-filled kitchen. Detailed relaxing space with contemporary geometric tile, rich wood flooring, modern fixtures, and whimsical craftsman touches.

Echo Park Pad

Summit House

Hilltree House

Georgina House

UC Berkeley – Lower Sproul Redevelopment

Eshleman Hall @ UC Berkeley

MLK Student Union @ UC Berkeley

New Trier High School

Santa Monica Public Library

University of British Columbia – University Boulevard Competition

St. Petersburg State University – Business School Library

Nascent Terrain

Park Place

Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft

United States Embassy – Dominican Republic

Coombs Corner

2×8: SKIN

2×8: VERT

2×8: SWELL

Little Tokyo Block 8

Fluor Facelift

Camana Bay Row Houses

Johnson John

Getty Museum – T1 Entry

Swellhouse (Dwell Home Design Invitational)

Los Feliz House

Favorview Palace

Wheel House Cheese Shop

Redeye Represents

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