Hilltree House

Yudell/Beebe Hilltree Residence

Los Angeles, California

Once again, Buzz Yudell and Tina Beebe called upon Clay to contribute to the design of their new home and manage the process throughout construction.

The Hilltree House enjoys expansive views and sits on a flat corner lot in Rustic Canyon, across from a protected eucalyptus grove, the oldest experimental forest in the country. The house presents a stunning but unassuming wedge-shaped elevation to this majestic grove of trees which in combination with the canyon create a unique microclimate. The building mass is defined by a single sloped roof that rises from one to two stories down the length of the house.  The house and fences are clad with thermally-treated ash that resists decay, insects, and fire, creating a rustic quality that is akin to the couple’s former home in The Sea Ranch; a Sea Ranch in the city.

Open pocket gardens alternate with defined rooms to create a porous design that admits maximum natural light and ventilation as well as weaving a fabric of interior and exterior spaces organized along a central gallery as a circulation spine.  In the largest of the pocket gardens the house meanders around a huge and spectacular old oak tree, whose canopy provides wonderful filtered light across the courtyard. The oak tree itself becomes an icon of the home visible from most interior spaces.

The home utilizes radiant heating and hot water supported by solar heat, only natural ventilation for cooling, and enough photovoltaic panels to supply a net 100% of the electrical needs.

Role: Project Architect & Project Manager with Moore Ruble Yudell
Designers: Buzz Yudell & Tina Beebe
Architect of Record: Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners

Contributions: Material research, lighting, detailing, and construction administration

Contractor: Oliver Garrett Construction, Inc.