2×8: SKIN

Student Exhibition for AIA/LA at the Pacific Design Center, 2008

A yearly exhibition and scholarship program showcasing exemplary student work from architecture and design institutions throughout California. Celebrating California’s unequaled diversity in pedagogical directions, each of the participating schools selects two projects that epitomize their core vision. The theme for 2008 was SKIN, which was interpreted and explored in the students submissions and the exhibition design itself.

This year’s exhibition was installed in the plaza of the Pacific Design Center (PDC) in West Hollywood. In order to minimize installation time, eliminate waste, and protect the exhibit in an outdoor public space, 16 Portable On-Demand Storage units were deployed, each of which displaying the work of a different school.

Design Intent:

An animated ribbon of PODS undulated through the plaza on a common trajectory, while each POD occupied unique coordinates. The exterior side of the assemblage faced the street and was tightly wrapped with super-graphic scrim (skin) comprised of a collage of all students’ work and show signage. Inside the hard white shells of the PODS a membrane hovered in tension, displaying student work and school identity. The PODS were well-suited for exhibition; they provided even and natural light from above through translucent plastic roofs, and were easily lit at night by installing simple, low-energy, fluorescent lighting.

The use of the PODS provided an efficient, economical, and sustainable exhibition. The exhibit was entirely constructed out of pre-manufactured and reusable products, allowing for installation and dismantling times of just a few hours. Due to it’s mobility, the show is readily transportable. All materials have been reused several times.

Project Team: Jorge Marien, Ryan Gobuty, Ken Kim (graphic design), Greg Verabian, Carlo Caccavale, Carissa Shrock, Amanda Daunis, Lori East, Joel Chappo, Ismar Enriquez, Jessica Campion
Installation Team: Amy Newborn, Katie Peterson, Takuji Mukaiyama, Toru Narita, Zhe Jin, Haekwan Park, Matthew Henry, Peter Borrego, Hinerfeld-Ward inc.

Photography: © Vam Y.K. Cheung or © Katie Peterson or © Clay Holden (as noted)

Cheung-AIASkin1 AIASkin2